Redirect terminal service to console (ie. Disconnect RDP and leave computer unlocked)

Usually, when you close your RDP connection the remote computer locks the computer and therefore restricts access and use of your Desktop (COMPUTER LOCKED).

The solution is either :

1/ use VNC instead of RDP

2/ or run "@tscon.exe 1 /dest:console" to transfer your session from RDP to CONSOLE, this will "virtually" kick you out, but it will leave your user session open and your Desktop active on the remote computer.

WARNING: By definition, this solution (2/) is unlikely to work for multiple remote desktop sessions on a single computer at the same time, there can be only one console session and it is already in use.

C:\Users\Administrator2>tscon 2 /dest:console
Could not connect sessionID 2 to sessionname console, Error code 7045
Error [7045]:The requested session access is denied.

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